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The Social Systems

It is important to remember that we, the humans, are social beings. Almost every day we are busy pursuing our financial goals and our careers and sometimes we lose our ability to connect with other people. Are you aware of the fact that the company you are working for, even your family it may be considered as being a social system?

Being aware of your social system it is crucial for your life, there might be some relationships that you would like to let go of but also there might be some that you would want to rekindle.

Every time we interact with our social system our brains are unconsciously deciding whether the person we meet or interact with represents a reward or a threat. Depending on how we perceive a certain interaction, if it's considered as a reward, we engage more fully, but if we see it as a threat, we recoil.

For most of those who focused more on their career and work they probably neglected the development of strong social skills, thing that can unconsciously lead to a negative reaction towards any social interaction and automatically considering it as being a threat. It is well advised that you are more deliberate regarding your interactions and make sure that you enjoy any rewarding experience.

It is also important that you don't forget your intimate relationships. It is strongly advised that you incorporate touch and affection into your life by making it part of your daily and weekly routine. It is also important, for those who have a partner, that they reinvent their sex life, it is an important psychological factor which may have great influences in your relationship.

So in conclusion it is very important for you to expand your social networks. You have to take certain risks, enjoy any new connection that you make and also experience the rewards from the beneficial relationships. The more you focus on you social system, the more you will discover that you will develop a renewed sense of gratitude and appreciation towards the loved ones in your life.