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Understanding constructive Skills in managing Conflicts

Conflict may be defined as a scuffles and challenges between people with contrasting value, objectives, ideas and beliefs. Internal conflict and aggressive behavior at a place of work is a common occurrence and it can be detrimental to morale of individuals and company results. Conflict is normal part of life, though if conflicts and aggressive behaviors remain unresolved it can be daunting task in trying to manage and achieve organizational goals.

Conflict management guidance and training prepares managers and leaders to deal with challenges at the place of work. They also help the managers to recognize the causes of interpersonal conflicts. Most of the individuals were socialized to exploit particular conflict approach because of their gender. For example culturally male are taught to be aggressive and always stand up to their opinions and what they believe. If one was socialized to be aggressive he is likely to utilize assertive conflict modes instead of using negotiating skills in managing conflicts. How people perceives about themselves and opinion of self worth assist them in dealing with conflicts at work place.

It is always important to believe in the other person or the team with whom the resolutions are made. Position and power status relationship is paramount in conflict resolution. Leadership skills play an integral role in conflict resolution. Always practicing in using the essential conflict modes is the most effective way of conflict resolutions.

The fundamentals of conflict resolution and conflict management are skills of effective communicate. Communication is an effective strategy in resolving conflicts in the organization. It is always important to identify the key components that appear in aggressive confrontations. Analyze each stage of conflict as the situation continues to escalate. Effectively weigh the vigor used in aggression involved in a conflict. It is paramount to maintain one's composure when confronting conflicts or aggressive circumstances.

With better understanding, one can make informed choices in managing conflicts and aggressive behaviors at work place.


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