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An Effective Instructional Plan is the Key for Success

A skilled trainer or facilitator is the one who knows how to motivate and encourage trainees into the training materials. Having an instructional plan or an instructional agenda is important to follow along so it can reach the entire classroom with the possibilities of questions asked and feedback received.

In mainly each classroom, the facilitator will see different types of students.

Students differ in their educational backgrounds, hands-on learning experiences, race, ethnicity, religion, economic status, and their way of perceiving knowledge. Some of the students are visual learners (they relay on their sight to understand materials, so the facilitator should use also some visual aides and charts), other students might having some hearing loss due to the age issues, so the usage of microphones, and computer technologies (in this case power point presentation, projector) would be bets fit for those students

The facilitator can use the learning inventory test which is available online to have the students fill it out and get an idea about their learning style. The facilitator along with the skills of teaching that he or she acquired through the life time in the teaching field, should be able to reach out to the students.

The first day of the class, the facilitator should break the ice between students by using some games, activities, and comment cards. This is helpful way to get to know one another and to be able to work in groups and collaborate on home works assignments.

In addition to that, the facilitator might use some form of formative and summative assessments. Formative assessments are ongoing kinds of assessments to get feed back from the students, they can ask questions and this could be done in a weekly basis depending on the course length.

Summative assessments could be done at the end of the class like surveys to get an idea about how well the instructional plan worked for the class.


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