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Self, Ego, transphenomenal and phenomenal World

The self is a collection of the physical attributes and individual perceptions, values and beliefs that are engraved in the persons' inner being that make them unique and different from the other people. The self is indeed inclusive of the personality that makes them so much different in behavior than the rest.

The self carries a personal right and bares autonomy as far performing actions is concerned. The self has independent thinking processes that can be traced to the individual and can be acquired from the environment in which one lives.

The Ego is a state of mind that involves thoughts, psychological processes that are based on an early childhood development stage of about 5-6 year old where acquisition of important skills like socialization, playing, being creative, and the stage in life where they show affection. It's vital because it forms the basis for key acquisition of fundamental life attributes that will be used in other life situations. It's important that persons pass through this stage successfully; otherwise there will be fixation which is not good as it causes situations where adults have child-like mannerisms.

Phenomenal world is the internal perceptions that dictate the way one personally makes decision without outside intervention and duress. It involves behaviors that are generated according to internal processes and the 5 internal senses. The decisive factors of the phenomenal world emanate from the self and reinforced by individual perception and beliefs. This shows how one is autonomous in the handling of situations and independence in carrying out actions.

Trans-phenomenal world is the individual own body actions and perceptions coupled with the environmental factors that determines the way we react to situations and scenarios. These actions are manipulated by the individual and also by the surrounding in which the individual lives in. These factors may be related to family, culture and religious standings that are engraved and acquired as a result of outside influence.


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