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Personal Philosophy, Values, Personality II

One easy way to understand what personal philosophy would be to just understand few examples. For some people personal philosophy is to "live or let live", while some thinks 'What goes round, comes around', and some believe that 'one should live your life to the fullest'.

Some believe that 'do good have good', while some feel that "One should do unto others as you would want them do unto you", and some feels that "One should not let your surroundings influence himself/herself more than he/she can influence them" is the way to go in life. You must have heard this negative philosophy from many that 'all men are the same', 'Ghost of beating are not convinced by merely talking' etc.

What is a personality
Personality can be defined a system that represents the working and activity of subsystems like motives, emotions, and other similar aspects. Like any other complex system, personality can be divided into various things in multiple ways. Various psychologists have divided personality into:

1) Motives
Motive is the cause that drives people to induce a certain action out of them. It is something that cause a person to act in a certain way.

2) Emotion
It is an experience of somebody's state of mind as interaction between internal and external influences. Emotion is usually associated with mood, personality, and temperament. it is different from motivation in such a way that motivations energize behavior, while emotions give the positive or negative part to it.

3) Cognition
It is a mental process that includes attention, remembering, and how you understand a language. It is also about making decisions. Cognition explains your attitude, and how you work in a group.


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