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Life Script Decisions III

Decisions may also be made due to negative pressure. This can be called a loser script. A child with behavioral problems, whether due to personality conflicts or a broken home, can cause someone to be classified as a loser. The loser script can include drug addition, early death or jail.

For young women, it can also include unwed mother and a lifetime on welfare. Alternate scripts exist, but redirections rarely occur by personal choice unless outside help is given.

The redirection onto an alternate life script can be made based on actual information, personal desires and external pressure. Grades and test scores provide information to a guidance counselor that a particular student is gifted and should be considered for higher education. Personal desires for greater life achievements drive someone to follow an alternate life script such as following the make it big in Hollywood script.

External pressure can drive someone onto another path than the one they choose. One example of this is the child star that implodes upon adulthood. They made it big. Then they crashed because they had no desire to continue in acting once they could make their own decisions. And they had no path to follow as an adult, since they'd already completed the life script of "go to Hollywood and make it big".


Let's look at the 1950s in the United States. For an upper class young man, the life script is to do well in school, go to college and get a good job. He'd marry a girl his family approves and settle into family life. He'd work for one or perhaps a few employers before retiring 25 to 30 years later. A young woman in the same class would go to school, perhaps attend college, marry and have children. His life script decisions include whether he'd consider a seminary and religious vocation if not interested in marriage and whether or not to pursue higher professional degrees.

A female could remain in the home entirely or seek a socially accepted role in the community. One of a woman's life script decisions could include choosing to work as a volunteer in various venues such as her child's school or local charities as a social and intellectual outlet. Working outside the home would be discouraged.


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