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Ego Fortification, Dreams I

Help from Your Dreams
When you're trying to fortify and stabilize your ego you need some means of identifying which parts of your life scripts are causing you most problems. Sometimes we are aware of a particular concern and the need for resolution seems obvious. At other times we may manifest dysfunctional behaviors where the cause may not be immediately obvious; we may not even be aware of the problem, unless we ask other people.

There are some dramatic recorded dreams and interpretation, and many Psychoanalysts have been fascinated by them, as they are clearly derived from the workings of the subconscious mind and offer a possible avenue of exploration.

Dreams can be another avenue open to us. Dreams are a way our subconscious tries to communicate with us in symbols. It has been stated in the past that the images are standard archetypes and have the same interpretations for everyone. However this is not necessarily true. There may be a general broad meaning that might be ascribed to a dream, but a dream image will have a specific meaning for an individual.

The person who has the dream will usually be able to ascribe a meaning to it himself, and this may or may not tie-up with the archetype. For this reason books on dream analysis may not be helpful. They are sometimes dogmatic and there are many different theories. The best approach is perhaps for the individual to ask himself what the interpretation is.

It should be remembered that your subconscious mind is on your side and simply follows the dictates of the conscious mind exactly. It is predisposed to try and ensure your survival. When it is faced with conflicting instructions it may try to communicate thru dreams or even precipitate a medical or psychological crisis to call attention to a problem. It has complete control over the body, as has been amply demonstrated thru hypnosis.



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