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Ego Fortification, Change Agent I

Personal Development - The Change Agent
When undertaking any program of change, a change agent of some sort needs to be mobilized to facilitate the process. This can be external such as a therapist or a mentor or internal,

such as the appropriate personality executive in the form of the Adult-Ego state.

In fact your Adult-Ego plays an important part in any change even if you should decide to use a therapist. The therapist can mediate changes, but any suggestions are only put into practice by the personality executive. The therapist tries to keep any discussion on an Adult-Adult basis, as the Adult-Ego is the most likely to proceed with change.

The Parent-ego might have a vested interest in not changing, while the Child has a sense of powerlessness and subservience which would make such a task beyond its capacities. However the child may play an important role in intuiting the need for change.

For an external change agent the challenge is to co-opt the personality executive, or "hook the Adult", as it is often expressed. The purpose initially is to get the patient to realize he is relating on equal terms with another Adult in a non-threatening way, and the other Adult has his welfare at heart. This in itself can be a big step for someone accustomed to relating to others as the Parent or Child and its importance should not be underestimated.

A contract would then be agreed to improve one aspect of the life script which is problematic. Changes are best undertaken one at a time; more than that is too demanding and unfocussed and is unlikely to be achieved. One of the goals of the therapist is to teach Transactional Analysis skills to the patient, as he has to be an active and willing participant in any change. He is after all the only one who can re-decide, in order to modify a decision built into the life script.



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