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A beginning visual aspect is a critically shaping moment

A beginning visual aspect is a critically shaping moment. The moment one person initially moves into the presence of another, an sentiment is formed. Even before you give tongue to any words, you start a dialogue and have spoken volumes through visual aspects and body language. The unassailable initially impression that Barack Obama makes reminds us that body action mechanisms and appearance speak a terminology to the audience as effectual as anything said loudly.
Barack Obama is skilled at establishing excellent beginning appearances. The purposeful walk. The visual link he makes with multitudes early on, stretching out his arm to them in a positive wave, narrowing the physical distance between himself and the assemblage. These mark the starting time of a two-way spoken communication of sorts -- it evokes a sit-up-and-concentrate response from audience members.
Good eye contact has also been important to Obama. Similar to Bill Clinton, he is perceived as never hesitating to establish unwavering eye contact; he flourishes on connecting with members of his assemblage and is energized, not consumed, by them. As Obama communicates, he looks to one region of the room, sometimes with a slim nod of acknowledgement in that direction, and then to the other side. He changes his gaze throughout his spoken language; by doing so by nature and smoothly, he pulls listeners into his communicates and engages audience members more fully.
Audiences perceive this as courteous -- the behavior of an individual welcoming them. They also translate the actions as trustworthy -- the demeanour of a person disposed to look them in the eyes. Those good commencement effects last.
Prominent communicators take care and apply image and body language in modes that wield a highly constructive effect.

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